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In the European Union, manufacturers, importers and downstream users of chemicals (substances as such or in mixtures) have to comply with REACH Regulation. This complex legislation applies in the EU since 2007 and imposes several obligations to chemical companies and those dealing with chemicals including producers of articles being the main processes Registration, Authorisation, Evaluation and Restriction of chemicals. Regarding REACH Registration it’s important to understand that there are post-registration obligations and a dossier is a living document that may need to be updated to allow companies to continue legally on the market. For higher tonnage bands above 1000 ton/year and those substances more hazardous a REACH Registration dossier had to be submitted to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) in 2010, for quantities in the range 100-1000 ton/year the deadline happened in 2013 and the last date to register lower tonnages of 1-100 ton/year was 31 May 2018. After this date companies still have to register new chemical substances and those that cross for the first time 1 ton/year including the newcomers to the market. Both Manufacturers, Importers and Downstream Users of Chemicals need to ensure continued compliance with all REACH Requirements. REACH Regulation legal text is subject to periodic revisions and additional new obligations may be imposed to the industry.

Our multidisciplinary team includes expert Consultants on REACH Regulation with background in Chemistry, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology with deep experience working for more than ten years both in the Chemical Industry and Consultancy supporting companies to successfully comply with REACH Regulation allowing the legal continuation on the market, entering new markets expanding their businesses and achieving commercial advantage.

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