REACH Regulation 2018 eLearning Course

REACH Regulation 2018 eLearning Course

OnlyCoreChem Academy is organizing a practical and interactive eLearning course live via GoToMeeting platform to support chemical companies dealing with REACH Regulation and the last Registration deadline in May 2018. It will include the Registration Process, IT-Tools IUCLID & REACH-IT, advice for Registrants, Importers and Downstream Users of Chemicals, overview of post-registration obligations and the possible impact of Brexit.


Module 1: April 12, 2018 (15h00-18h00 CET) – The REACH Registration
Registration strategies, information requirements, costs and timelines
Phases of the registration process
REACH after 31 May 2018 and Post-Registration obligations
Key messages for Manufacturers, Importers and Downstream Users of Chemicals
Q&A session (30 minutes)


Module 2: April 13, 2018 (15h00-18h00 CET) – IT-tools IUCLID 6 and REACH-IT
IUCLID 6 main functionalities
Legal Entity, Reference Substance, Dataset, Section Tree and Data Requirements
Filling in a substance dataset
Creating a Registration Dossier
Validation Assistant for dataset and dossier
How to update a Registration Dossier
Overview of REACH-IT for Dossier Submission
Q&A session (30 minutes)



Via GoToMeeting platform




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