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Non-EU chemical manufacturers are not allowed to register directly their chemicals (substances as such or as part of mixtures) in the EU but REACH Regulation Article 8 allows to appoint a REACH Only Representative located in the EU to act on their behalf and fulfill the registration obligations covering EU importers and relieving them from registration obligations. This way non-EU chemical manufacturers increase their business opportunities getting full access to the European Union market.

If your company is considering entering the EU market for the first time or to change to a more reliable REACH Only Representative providing high quality services and cost-effective solutions being always transparent since the first day do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to guide you through the process.

REACH Only Representative Services

Advice on REACH Regulation obligations and best strategies for compliance

Supply chain communication management

Post-registration management (incl. Tonnages, Uses and CSR, Dossier and Substance Evaluation, CoRAP, PACT, SVHCs, Authorisations and Restrictions)

SIEFs and Consortia communication, negotiation and representation

Preparation, update and translation of Safety Data Sheets

Practical guides for business units (top management, purchasing, sales, R&D and Regulatory)

REACH Import Certificates for EU customers

Support through our REACH helpdesk

Inquiry and REACH Registration Dossiers

Update of REACH Registrations to maintain access to the EU market

Testing services for REACH Registration (through qualified partner laboratories)

Training on REACH Regulation adapted to all business units

Reports with the latest information on REACH and analysis of the impact to the business

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