REACH Only Representative change

REACH Only Representative change

Non-EU Manufacturers of substances and Formulators of mixtures are allowed to change their REACH Only Representative (OR) according to REACH Regulation.


Some reasons why changing to another REACH Only Representative may include:

– Obtaining higher quality and better support

– Obtaining access to cost-effective solutions


REACH Only Representative change is a straightforward administrative process according to the following steps:

  1. Termination of contract with current Only Representative
  2. Contract with new Only Representative to be effective on date of transfer
  3. OR transfer Agreement between the three parties
  4. OR transfer in REACH-IT platform
  5. ECHA one-time fee of 1631 EUR covering all registered substances
  6. Letter(s) of Access transfer fee(s)*, previous OR Data Transfer fee*
  7. Transfer of data between the old and new OR
  8. Notification of appointment of new OR to be sent to EU clients
  9. Update IUCLID Registration Dossier with new OR Legal Entity & Letter of Appointment

* if applicable depending on terms of contracts