REACH & CLP Compliance Check

REACH & CLP Compliance Check

The REACH & CLP Compliance Check is an ideal solution for Manufacturers, Importers, Distributors and Formulators of Chemicals to be prepared for the demanding REACH and CLP Regulations inspections avoiding heavy fines.

Includes a Compliance Review of the REACH and CLP Regulations with a combination of a practical training and a checklist preparing Chemical Companies for inspections, in which we follow the main processes verifying compliance with this legislation and always adapted to the area of business and reality of each company.

The REACH & CLP Compliance Check will be conducted in a one-day session at your company and with your team, we cover all European Union Countries.

Depending on each company it may also include checking Suppliers’ Safety Data Sheet (SDS), own product SDS, a SDS with Exposure Scenarios and verification of conformity of the basic points of a REACH registration dossier if applicable.

Results of the REACH & CLP Compliance Check will be analyzed with your team during the on-site session. It will enable each company to obtain the basic know-how for a further detailed analysis by the team responsible for REACH and CLP Compliance.

In case of interest for your company we can also carry out afterwards a more detailed Audit.