Franchise of ONLYCORECHEM Group Providing Global Consultancy Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Franchise of ONLYCORECHEM Group Providing Global Consultancy Solutions for the Chemical Industry

» Franchise of ONLYCORECHEM Group – Providing Global Consultancy Solutions for the Chemical Industry.


Following OCC (ONLYCORECHEM) Group continued and solid growth, we are now expanding with Branch Offices to be located Internationally via the Franchise Business Model, with exclusivity for each Country, having Local Teams speaking the native Countries Languages, and being also closer to our Customers, giving the opportunity to Professionals with Chemical background willing to become Business Owners, for joining and being part of a Friendly and Supportive Company.

OCC Group has a well structured business model with a strong brand recognized both in Europe and overseas by the quality of the services provided to the Chemical Industry, supporting both SMEs and Multinationals.

ONLYCORECHEM is a leading company in areas such as Consulting, Training, Events, Recruitment & Executive Search, having an high and increased sustainable demand for these support services, being Consultancy on Chemicals Legislation namely REACH, CLP and BPR-Biocides Regulations the main business areas.


Our Headquarters is located in the beautiful city of Lisbon in Portugal with Team members, Partners and Customers located in Europe and Worldwide.

Our Consultants speak fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish, as well as other languages.


We are looking forward to meet Entrepreneurs willing to become Managing Directors of a Profitable and Successful Business Model designed with low fixed operational costs in a growing market.


» Some advantages of the Franchise include:

– A proven successful and profitable business model and a recognized strong brand.

– Continuous support avoiding starting a business alone with the associated risks.

– Access to tested and developed methodologies and expertise.


» The advantages of being a Business Owner include:

– More flexibility, being in full control of your work-life balance plus the possibility of working remotely from a home office and from your own country.

– No limit to the amount that can be earned, compared to being an employee with a fixed monthly/yearly salary.


» Our main locations of interest for Franchisees in the European Union are the following:

– Germany.

– Netherlands.

– France.

– Italy.

– Belgium.

– Spain.

– Ireland.

» But we are also considering any other locations in the European Union including:

– Sweden.

– Poland.

– Finland.

– Hungary.

– Czech Republic.

– Austria.

– Luxembourg.

– Greece.

– Bulgaria.

– Denmark.

– Romania.

– Slovakia.

– Estonia.

– Slovenia.

– Lithuania.

– Cyprus.

– Latvia.

– Croatia.

– Malta.

» Regarding European Countries we are currently only considering the following locations:

– United Kingdom.

– Switzerland.

– Norway.

– Iceland.

– Liechtenstein.

– Turkey.

» From Worldwide Countries we are currently only considering the following locations:

– USA.

– Canada.

– Brazil.

– South Korea.


» The Ideal Franchise Business Owner & Partner:

– Entrepreneurial spirit and mindset and willing to have your own business preferably full-time.

– Chemical or sciences background.

– Knowledge and experience in some of our business areas mainly Chemicals Legislation would be desirable but not mandatory as we will provide training and access to a network of experts consultants that can do all the work in all areas including Consultancy, Trainings, Events, Recruitment and Executive Search, and you may only dedicate yourself to Business Development and Client Management as well as Managing the Franchise Company.

– Native speaker of the language spoken in the Franchisee country.

– Speak and write fluent English.


» OCC Group Franchise includes:

– Exclusivity for the whole Franchisee Country.

– Access to OCC expertise and methodologies.

– Initial and continuous training.

– Access to our exclusive network of consultants and partners.

– Business Coaching, Management support and advice.

– Technical Helpdesk and support.

– Digital Marketing.

– Access to leads (potential clients).

– Website Translation and adaptation.


» Remarks about OCC Group Franchise:

– If you already have the technical know-how, accessing our network may be useful for complex projects and multiple consultancy requests from customers that can not be all handled internally.

– All the business areas can be outsourced to our network and you can concentrate on Management, Business Development and expanding the business in your country.

– Our support includes continuous business strategy and business development, including advice regarding proposals, participation in videoconferences with potential clients and customers as required and needed to help you succeed.

– Access to leads (potential clients) from direct contacts via our website, linkedin, group members and network as well as new leads acquisition strategy.

– Exclusive Team & Network of Consultants and Partners.

– Low initial investment and low fixed operational costs.

– Franchise at country level but benefiting from being part of a Multinational Group increasing business opportunities.

– At OCC Group using the best SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques and strategies we were able to rank our company on Top of Google and Linkedin searches for our business areas relevant keywords, increasing the number of new potential clients and requests for quotations and proposals.

– ONLYCORECHEM uses the best digital marketing and both personal and company branding techniques and strategies and this will be also part of the Franchise initial and continuous training and support.

– Exclusivity for the whole Franchisee Country.


» Franchise one-time Access Fee: 15000 EUR.

Payment Options – Full amount or Flexible:

A – 15000 EUR with signing the Franchise Contract.

B – 7500 with signing the Franchise Contract and 8625 EUR after six months.

C – 7500 with signing the Franchise Contract and 9750 EUR after one year.

C – 7500 with signing the Franchise Contract and twelve payments of 875 EUR/month after one year from the 12th until the 24th month of Contract.

*B, includes an interest rate of 7,5% – Total Franchise Fee will increase to 16125 EUR.

*C, includes an interest rate of 15% – Total Franchise Fee will increase to 17250 EUR.

*D, includes an interest rate of 20% – Total Franchise Fee will increase to 18000 EUR.


The franchise fee is a fee or charge that one party, known as the franchisee, pays another party, known as the franchisor (ONLYCORECHEM), for the right to enter in a franchise agreement. By paying the franchise fee a franchisee receives the rights to sell services, under the franchisor’s trademarks, as well as access to the franchisor’s business processes. The franchisee fee includes assistance from the franchisor in opening the franchised business.


» Royalties:

5% of turnover if below 100K EUR per Year.

7,5% of turnover if above 100K EUR per Year.

10% of turnover if above 250K EUR per Year.

12,5% of turnover if above 500K EUR per Year.

15% of turnover if above 1 Million EUR per Year.


» Marketing Fund, Business & Technical Support:

– Not applicable during the 1st year.

– 250 EUR per month during the 2nd year.

– 350 EUR per month during the 3rd year.

– 450 EUR per month during the 4th year.

– 600 EUR per month during and after the 5th year.


» About OCC Group Founder & Managing Director:

Dr. Carlos Miguel Fazendeiro, Academic background in Industrial Chemistry with in-depth Training and Experience of more than ten years in Chemicals Legislation mainly European Union Regulations REACH, CLP and BPR-Biocides, at International level in Consulting and in Industry working for national and multinational companies of reference.

He had Management and Coordination responsibilities, at Direction level, in Germany, during five years, working for a Multinational Consultancy Company specialized in Chemicals Legislation.

He has been supporting Chemical Companies in the EU and Worldwide to understand the requirements and obligations of these complex regulations to successfully comply with the Chemical Legislation allowing them to remain legally on the market, avoiding fines, entering new markets, expanding their businesses and achieving commercial advantage. He is also frequently invited as a speaker at national and international conferences on EU Chemicals Legislation.

Back in January 2018 he Founded ONLYCORECHEM and he is currently Managing Director at OCC Group providing global solutions for the Chemical Industry in areas such as Consultancy, Auditing and Training on Chemicals Legislation, Technical Support & Advisory, Green Chemistry, Innovation, R&D, Quality, Environment, Health & Safety, Due Diligences, International Business Development, Events, Recruitment & Executive Search.

At OCC Group he is Responsible for Management, Financial, Operations, Technical & Sales Coordination.

He Coordinates the Chemicals Legislation Consultancy and Training as well the Organization of Events for the Chemical Industry.

For more detailed information please visit the professional webpage on Linkedin.


If this Franchise opportunity to become OCC business partner of a profitable business model running your own company as Managing Director in your country is of interest to you, we look forward to receive your contact with application by email including a CV and will be pleased to speak with you by scheduling an Introductory Online Meeting with our Managing Director that will provide more detailed information about ONLYCORECHEM Group and the Franchise, as well as clarify all the questions you might have and discuss the next steps of the Franchise Application Process.

OCC Group Franchise Email contact is

Let’s continue to grow OCC Group and succeed together!