European Union Chemicals Legislation

European Union Chemicals Legislation

Our Team of Consultants with deep experience working both in the Chemical Industry and Consultancy supporting Companies of this Sector to successfully comply with Chemicals Legislation in the European Union allowing the legal continuation on the market, entering new markets expanding their businesses and achieving commercial advantage can provide support with:


– EU REACH, CLP and Biocides-BPR Regulations.

– PIC Regulation.

– Chemical Agents Directive (CAD).

– Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive (CMD).

– Persistant Organic Pollutants Regulation (POPs).

– Agrochemicals Regulation.

– Fertilizers Regulation.

– Cosmetics Regulation.

– Detergents Regulation.

– Food Contact Materials Regulation.

– Seveso Directive.

– Transport of Dangerous Goods.

– Nanomaterials.

– Medical Devices Regulation.


Compliance with EU Chemicals Legislation is the starting point for any Chemical Company to enable access to the market and sell legally their products avoiding fines, stopping production and removal from the European Union market imposed by Authorities.