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In the European Union, companies dealing with a special type of chemicals called biocides which includes disinfectants, preservatives and pest control have to comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR). This complex legislation includes requirements for the registration of active substances (the ones with effect on harmful organisms) and to obtain authorisation for placing on the market biocidal products (formulations of active substances and co-formulants). Producers of Treated Articles with biocides are also within the scope of the Biocidal Products Regulation.

It’s very important to highlight that companies under the scope of the Biocidal Products Regulation will also have to comply with REACH Regulation for the co-formulants and CLP Regulation to classify and label the products. In some cases a Biocidal Active Substance may require a REACH Registration for the industrial applications in addition to the registration under the BPR.

Our multidisciplinary team includes expert Consultants on Biocides Regulation with background in Chemistry, Toxicology, Ecotoxicology and deep experience working several years with the previous Biocides Directive and with the Biocidal Products Regulation since it came into force in 2013 both in the Chemical Industry and Consultancy supporting companies to successfully comply with the Biocidal Products Regulation allowing the legal continuation on the market, entering new markets expanding their businesses and achieving commercial advantage.

Our Biocides Regulation Consultancy Services

Advice on obligations & best strategies for compliance

Biocidal Products Authorisation Dossiers

Technical Equivalence & Chemical Similarity Dossiers

Consortia communication and representation

Toxicological, Ecotoxicological and Physicochemical Testing for Biocides (through partner laboratories)

Article 95 notifications for Active Substances

Registration of Biocidal Active Substances

National transitional authorisation in Portugal & EU

Supply chain communication management

Training on Biocidal Products Regulation including the IT-Tools IUCLID, R4BP & SPC editor

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